Career In FBIL

Ideal Candidate

Cultural fit is extremely important at FBIL. Before we conduct the technical interview we do a cultural fit interview. The qualities we look for in an ideal candidate at FBIL are easy to discern in our FBIL Values page in the About US section of this website. We recommend that all potential candidates review our FBIL Values in detail before applying for a position with FBIL. If you disagree with more than one of our values we recommend you do not apply for a position at FBIL. On the other hand if the FBIL values resonate with you and are similar to your personal values we strongly encourage you to apply for a job at FBIL, we would love to meet you and welcome you to join our team. All employees at FBIL endeavor to live the values fully on a day to day basis. There is no office politics in our firm and we operate as one big team rather than in silos or departments.

If you are interested in becoming part of Foresight Bullion, submit your resume to